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June 12, 2004
Exhibited at the UN building in Geneva for the "World Day Against Child Labour"
3 peace paintings in Florence for the Children's World Congress on Child Labour
 A peace painting by the young volounteers for Genoa: European Capital of Culture 2004

detail for genovaGo to PeaceWaves Art for Peace  KIDS' GUERNICA in Genoa
 KIDS' GUERNICA paintings were exhibited in Genoa, Italy during the International Congress “Children and the Mediterranean” in Genova, Italy. Around 600 people visited the exhibition during the three days.
Mr. Romano Prodi, European Commission President also visited the exhibition.
 KIDS' GUERNICA in East Timor

In the end of December 2003, a new workshop was held in East Timor which had won independence just in 2002. The participating children had to hide themselves in the jungle to avoid military attacks for two years before the independence. They were so happy to make such a big painting in the workshop.

* KIDS' GUERNICA Exhibition in Kalavrita, Greece
* KIDS' GUERNICA Exhibition in Vorarlberg, Austria
* First Austrian contribution and Exposition in Vorarlberg
* The First Workshop in Thailand
* Mumbai Workshop
* Afghan Royal Family supported the plan of KIDS' GUERNICA in Kabul
* Guests from Tibet visited KIDS' GUERNICA in Italy
* Israeli and Palestinian children worked together for KIDS' GUERNICA
* International Press Conference KIDS' GUERNICA Exhibition/2001
* Message from USA

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