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Many "Kids' Guernica" peace paintings were successfully exhibited at Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum in April 9-14. 


Nagasaki, Japan April 2024


KIDS' GUERNICA in Nikko City

March 2024

A beautiful Kids' Guernica peace painting was created in Nikko city in Japan. The painting was brought back to Nepal and children of Mulabari village added the scenery of the Himalyas. THe completed painting was brought back to Japan and displayed at Nyoraiji temple in Nikko on the birthday of Buddha.



Geneva, Switzerland   March 2024


As part of the international art project "Kids' Guernica", 14 paintings were created in Geneva by schoolchildren, students, young adults and migrants.
Through the Geneva-based Rivages association, the FIFDH is proud to exhibit one of these paintings inspired by Guernica.


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November 5, 2023,   "Praying  for World Peace from the Foot of Mt. Fuji"

A Kids' Guernica outdoor exhibition was successfully held at Shiraito Falls in Fujinomiya City in Japan.


October 2023, Students at Rinko Junior High School in Kawasaki City created a beautiful Kids' Guernica as part of their peace learning program.


October 10-20, 2023   Kids' Guernica exhibition was successfully held at the the Embassy of Spain in Tokyo.

Kids' Guernica 1011-1020.jpg
KIds' Guernica Exhibition at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.jpg
Opening at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.jpg

August 6-31, 2023   Kids' Guernica exhibition was as the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki.


August 2023,   A wonderful Kids' Guernica peace painting was created at Ramakrishna Mission in Sargachi, 200 km far away from Kolkata, India. 


August 2023,   Kids' Guernica peace painting created by Hiroshima children was displayed at Kawasaki Peace Museum. Two peace-themed picture-story shows were also held. 


March 2023,The International Film Festival and Forum on Human rights in Geneva in Swiss produced the first Kids Guernica Geneva, breaking down the frontiers of the arts and generations by partnering with the artist François Burland and the association Rivages, the state of Geneva, Department of Public association, Space 51 Gallery, Niriuk association and the  support of AMIC, an intercultural outreach association founded by refugees for refugees and whose mission is to create cultural bridges and promote integration through intercultural mediation.

With the artist, the young migrants present their ideas of peace and the viving memory of war. They choice theirs images on internet and in magazines. They realize a huge collage of shapes projected onto a white canvas and drawings made with Posca markers.

The title « We are born in the morning we die at night »

la toile.jpg

May 24, 2023   A wonderful Kids' Guernica peace painting was created by students at Alexandra College in Milltown, Dublin, Ireland. This workshop was organized by a Japanese student of this school from Nagasaki. 

May 21, 2023  The Pablo Picasso exhibition "Blue Age and Beyond" was held at the Hiroshima Museum of Art. The exhibition also featured several Kids' Guernica peace paintings, including a recently painted Kids' Guernica in Bucha, Ukraine. The G7 Hiroshima Summit was held from May 19th to 21s. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also attended the summit. The Hiroshima Kids Guernica exhibition strongly appealed to the need for world peace.

April 26, 2023   A wonderful Kids' Guernica was created by  children of Bucha in Ukraine. They expressed their strong wish for peace.


April, 2023   Another impressive Kids' Guernica was created on a black canvas pasting cutting cloth like appliques at Blind Boys Academy in Kolkata, India. This is a collaboration of KIs' Guernica and Third Paradise.


April, 2023   A Nepalese Kids' Guernica was brought to West Bengal in India. The canvas was completed by Indian children in the workshop of the Old Palace (Rajbari) near Kolkata.


April 10-13, 2023   The Mulabari village  Kids’ Guernica was brought to Kathmandu and students of Sirjana College of Fine Arts continued painting on this big canvas. This workshop was organized as a collaboration of Kids' Guernica with Guernica Remakings and Third Paradise.

April 6-9, 2023   Kids’ Guernica was held in Mulabari villagre in Nepal. Two Kids' Gernica from South Africa and Swizerland were exhibitied in the village. The village children started painting on a new big canvas. This workshop was organized as a collaboration of Kids' Guernica with Guernica Remakings and Third Paradise.


April 1-30, 2023    Kids’ Guernica exhibition outside along with beautiful Sakura flowers in Hadano city, Japan.  

March 18-19, 2023    Kids’ Guernica workshop was successfully held in Nikko, Japan.  Ukrainian families staying in Japan also participated in the workshop.


March 10-19, 2023 

Wonderful Kids’ Guernica Event in Geneva, Switzerland

21st International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights


March, 2023    Kids’ Guernica International Photo Exhibition was successfully held at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum by KIwanis Nagasaki Kiwanis Club and Circle K Nagasaki University.


February-March, 2023    Kids’ Guernica was actively held in Shizuoka-prefecture, Japan. Shizuoka is well known as a prefecture with the beautiful Mt. Fuji. Students of Shizuoka Futaba High School created a wonderful Kids’ Guernica peace painting.













Including Shizuoka Kids' Guernica paintings, 26 Kids’ Guernica paintings from different parts of the world were displayed in the foot field of Mt. Fuji.











Yayoi Kindergarten, Shizuoka City           









Shiohatanaka Elementary School, Shizuoka City



Higashi Junior High School, Shizuoka City     











Hitoana Elementary School, Fujinomiya City

Other exhibition was also held at Nihon-daira and inside of  Shizuoka City.


February 2023, Kids' Guernica Workshop with Ukrainian and Spanish family and children in Barcelona  organized by Savina Tarsitano with Dr Nicola Ashmore, School of Art and Media, University of Brighton  in the context of the project: Cultural Diplomacy.

333227646_142519248700307_3251628528687703753_n (1).jpg

January 2023, Kids' Guernica Workshop and exhibition wer successfully held in Atsugi City , Japan.

Masifunde photographer Laura Klapper.jpg

October 2022, South Africa, Masifunde Project,  Organized by Dr Nicola Ashmore, School of Art and Media, University of Brighton With Savina Tarsitano, Photo by Laura Klapper.

October 2022, South Africa, Keiskamma Art Project,  Organized by Dr Nicola Ashmore, School of Art and Media, University of Brighton With Savina Tarsitano, Photo by  Joe Hague.

Keiskamma Art Project photographer Joe Hague (1).jpg
IMG20220805150330 (1).jpg

August 06, 2022  Kids' Guernica Peace exhibition was held in Nagasaki as the anniversary of the atomic bombing.


July, 2022  Kids' Guernica Peace exhibition was created by children of Ukrainian community around Tokyo.

富士根南小 (1) (1).jpeg

July 2022,  Three Kids' Guernica peace paintings were created in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Fujine Minami Elementary School


2022 大富士小.jpeg

Oufuji Elementary School

Caulonia 2.jpg
Caulonia 3.jpg
8.Benestare, Italy.jpg

November 2021: Pathos Co-operative, Caulonia organized Kids’ Guernica workshops in the south of Italy, in the province of Calabria. The organization help refugees and migrants from Asia, Middle East and Africa, providing shelter and resettlement. The two workshop were conducted by Raymond Watson, Artist from Belfast Ireland with the young refugees and migrants; one project in the village of Benestare and another project in the town of Caulonia.

Ecolint 2021.jpg
Ecolint SDGs Avocado 2021.png

Ecolint School in Geneva, Switzerland

September 2021: Collaborative workshop of Kids’ Guernica and Michelangelo Pistolleto’s Third Paradise was successfully held as a part of “Art with a Social Impact” project at the Ecolint Centre des Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. The workshop was based on their reflection on the 17 Sustainability Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda and collaborated with Mulabari village in Nepal. The students chose an image of avocado as a symbol of sustainable development of this village since avocados can provide nutritious fruits for the village people. Thy beautifully painted the symbolic abocado and also started the fund raising to plant avocado seedlings in the barren land of this village.

Nagasaki 2021.jpg
Nagasaki 2021-2.jpg

Kids' Guernica Exhibition in Nagasaki

August 6, 2021:  Kids' Guernica exhibition was started along the riverside near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast on August 9, 1945 in Nagasaki. A peace painting focusing on SDGs from Ecolint school in Geneva, Switzerland and a peace painting, "the Laughter of our Children", from the young people of Cushendall, County Antrim, Northern Ireland were also exhibited with several Japanese Kids' Guernica paintings. This exhibition was held until the end of August.

Taranto Kids' Guernica.jpg

The Cultural Association Liberarte-Art of free souls with the president Cacace Rosa organized in 2020, in the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kids-Guernica,  a day dedicated to the peace project of Kids Guernica. Thanks to the supervision of the artist Savina Tarsitano and in collaboration with the "Frascolla" Institute of Taranto, on the occasion of the 2020 Memorial Day, the association organized the event, which was sponsored by the Municipality of Taranto, and saw protagonists more than 100 children from 6 to 13 years of age. In that occasion also a Kids-Guernica exhibition has been organized with canvas from Japan. Currently the Manifesto is located at the headquarters of the association in Taranto.

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